I’m Verinne and I like toitles.

I do, actually, really like toitles. They’re almost identical to turtles, except they’re only spoken of by zombie-children. Crazy, isn’t it? But, yeah, I’m Verinne and most people either can’t pronounce my name or don’t like me enough to want to pronounce it right. At this point, if you really want to get me, say my name right and I’ll give you the win <3 So Vei, V or Queen Bitch of the Sauce works.

I’m 21 and female — really. I know girls don’t usually say bro and pal, but I’ve lived in the world of Azeroth since 2006 and when you’re around that much nerd testosterone, you tend to talk like them. It doesn’t mean I’m any less estrogen based, of course. I still like pink and I still think cute fluffy bunnies and especially baby moo-moo calves are the end all be all of cute overload. Anyone have an amazing cow suit? I’d love you for it. I already have the best cow plushie in-world though (thanks <3)

So, where was this going? I’ll probably make posts involving what I’m wearing that day, what I really like and probably what I don’t like. There will probably be rants, random questions regarding random questions. Most things will include some type of lyrics, I like listening to music and so, I will subject you to my musical tastes via text. I’ll also make frequent updates when ever I make anything new.

[twee.], my store, is pretty fucking shiny new and so, I’m just lurking xstreet until I make more things as well as find a nice cute, well trafficked place to set up base. If you want me to chill in your sim and sell my shit, send me a notecard or IM me. I’ll love you <3. With [twee.], I make shapes, poses, piercings and most likely when I get around to doing it, skins and 2.0 makeup layers. This all depends how much time I get between being lazy, procrastinating, sleeping, working and school work. All in all, though, [twee.] is my long delayed brain child and I really have Sithas to thank about me getting it started. Both of our xstreets are linked on the side~

Anyways, this is me in my friends wedding. I was too lazy at 4am to take a fancy picture of my current self but you’ll see enough of me, won’t you? I have to be up at 9am, I’m depraving myself for this already! Yeah, I’m pretty fucking cute and I cuss like a wow nerd who just killed Arthas on 25man hard-mode. Be getting achievements up in this bitch.

Sithas should make a post soon. I was going to see who was the first to get theirs up, but I think he’s already began procrastinating. He’s supposed to be the one making me post because i’m a lazy bitch. So, welcome to a la sauce. Where sauce plz has true meaning.


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