Hello, welcome to the sauce. This is a basic, informal introduction to your awesome chefs of awesome. You will be served daily – and yes, by serve I may mean “GURL YOU GOT SERVED”, by Sithas Slade and Verinne Ansar. You may or may not have seen us wandering, running or trolling some part of the grid. If we aren’t extremely memorable to you, it just means you’ve been spared. Nonetheless, we cook up a nice batch of awesome just about every day and we figured, why not share it? Why not let everyone have a taste of that awesome? You might not like us, we might not be your shin-dig but you can just close the blog and move on, amirite?

Regardless, Party Hard is an ode to the blog name that was rejected. Sithas salutes you, Andrew W. K. The choice to not name our greatness after you was not meant to be an insult — we just felt that most people would not be able to handle the amount of awesome a homage to you would induce. Really, I wanted it to be party hard, I really did but the final decision was Awesome Sauce, we do apologize.

Awesome Sauce will probably be full of shameless self promotion (we both have our own stores), lots of random “we fucking love this” or “we fucking hate this” or even “we so trolled this” posts with a side of lols and to round out the blog, probably lots of daily looks and other just out of left field fashionista-ish shit that all blogs inevitably have. We know you know it, don’t try to deny it. You’re here to inspect us anyways!

You’ll most likely be seeing two separate posts, formal introductions by each of us following this. What’s not to love about getting more personal with random people you don’t know? We know, if you didn’t care in the first place, you wouldn’t even be reading this introduction to begin with. We love you, random blog reader and we love that you read our shit. Thanks, pal.


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