Why do I have to make an intro?

I will anyways! Ha ha ha. :D

Well, I’m not sure what there is to say about me besides I’m a total nerd and nerd about about nerdy things. If it has zombies, robots, wizards, warriors, ninjas, superheroes ect. I’ll usually gush all over it. I’m 23 years old and I’ve been told I’m mature for my age, but also I’ve been told that I’m immature for my age. So, I guess I’m kind of in some sort of maturity purgatory? My recommended thing for the world to do is go out and buy a toy, no matter what age. =) You will be surprised at how happy it makes you, I bet.

My store is kind of a mishmosh of random things, mostly band t-shirts, with a smattering of video game and comic randomness thrown in. It’s named after a great band known as Malevolent Creation, if you like disgustingly brutal death metal, check em out. But, I’ve been trying to mix it up lately with what I create, so expect some “different” things in the near future when inspiration (AKA Verinne) hits me (With a frying pan :X.) I’ve been known to make absolutely ridiculous prim stuff, like..if you ever see a giant Pac-Man with huge eyes running around..yeah..I made that. Or a giant duck with a top hat..Ducky McGee The Celebration Duck. Good times..good times.

My avatar is always changing. Sometimes I might be a woman, other times I might be a faun with a robot arm, sometimes I might even be a gorilla. Lord knows what I would be if you would ever see me in world, reader.

I’m a wily veteran of SL. I’ve been in the jungle for awhile now..since 2005 give or take..and sometimes attacks come from the TREES MAN, FROM THE TREES! OH GOD! Whoa..geez..had another flashback.

I’ll most likely be making random posts on my adventures, and what I’m rockin’ at the time. A gorilla robot would be pretty sweet. *Taps his chin*

Anyways, here’s a picture of me in a dress!


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