Gentleman Prime

This is normally what happens when I start to build things. I can imagine this is how Mr. Prime would look if he was going to a fancy dinner party on Cybertron.

My sweet lil lambcakes AKA Verinne joined in and did the textures. It warms my heart she would join me in making a giant Optimus Prime. *Sniffles* I love that girl. Ahem..anyways..

Because of being vagabonds with a temporarily disabled home, I’m sure you might see more of my random..weird..wacky creations pop up in some sandboxes.

I’m too awesome to use sculpties. *FLEX* Nah, I actually do want to learn how to make sculpties so my goofy stuff looks at least goofily presentable. Mr. Prime is wayyyy too many prims for the way he looks.

Wait…Prime?…Prim?…Optimus Prim? Ha ha ha. Jolly good.


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