Tribal Soul Designs

So, I picked up some work to do that I probably shouldn’t have but I’m attempting to press through it, atleast this first batch to where I think I’ll have to bow out. I said I’d help the owner of Tribal Soul — a store that sells a lot of Na’vi (Avatar) inspired clothing and skins, and etc and she also co-owns Secrets hair. I said I’d help her redo the vendors in her store as she felt they didn’t do anything justice.

Now, she is a very nice and hardworking woman and I’m trying my best but it’s a pet peeve when someone says I have creative choice and then when I show them the template they get specific over things. I understand it is their products but I specifically ask if they want anything precise and I never ever get it and always deal with it. It must be why I’m so lazy when it comes to my own vendor ads, because of how much i’ve been turned away from making them.

I’ll probably finish up (and Sithas, too) the first round of things she sent us, we still have over a week to complete them but then I feel like I’ll have to bow out, I’ve got too much going on — School, work, my own shit in SL, Alpha/Beta testing Warcraft: Cataclsym (aww yeah~) and I’m also dealing with some Real Life health issues (doesn’t everyone claim this when they blog, though?) so I feel like i’m stretching myself a bit thin.

But yeah, heres an image of the vendor ad I made, everything in it is made by Tribal Soul.

I’m being lazy and haven’t the chance to get a SLURL for you guys but it shouldn’t be too hard to find.


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