You know, I’m pretty lazy honestly and have a ton of things I need to blog but no will to post them. TMI incoming but currently I’m getting over a serious UTI that the doctor suggested I come back for a follow up in two weeks to make sure it hasn’t progressed to either a kidney or bladder infection and I have something called “Pityriasis rosea” which is a type of skin rash that they theorize is caused by a viral infection but they haven’t figured it out yet. I’ve had it for about four weeks now, the normal duration is six but it can last up to six months and because I was on the rarer side of things — it is severe itching, where normally it is just dry skin, I might be in for the longer time period so i’ve got this lotion I’m mandated to use. Super fun, amirite?

Anyways, enough of this real life shit, who cares anyways? On to the point of the post.

See, there is this site called Livestream and I’ve been livestreaming SL from it recently — with a mix of warcraft, but still.

If you ever get bored enough, try checking out my livestream. Though, it’s usually just Sithas and I dancing to my itunes.

We’re great dancers.

That’s it really, other then one more “actual” post — the sup post I don’t think can count (sorry), we can apply to be syndicated on which is exciting. We’ve actually got a lot more planned when we get accepted for syndication. I think most people will either love us or hate us… then again, that’s really the case already.

By the way, we’ve been wandering around the grid looking for a small little place to set up a shop together. If anyone has any suggestions, send them our way please. Preferably places with super cute or grunge builds with high traffic~

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