[MC] New Release – Cutie Medic Outfit

[Click here for the Xstreet page]

It’s been awhile since I worked on a full outfit, and the first time I’ve ever designed an outfit for women. Although I’m sure a guy could rock this if he really wanted to. Would have to be a pretty damn cute guy though.

The shading is strong, the edging is stronger, but I really like it. It’s very cartoony and kind of my own sort of style. I didn’t even have a plan when working on it, it kinda just turned out being a…wacky cute medic outfit. That’s usually how I go by the things I create, I never expect to make a lot of sales..so I just make stuff for the sake of art and random fun. I was going to add some prim stuff to it, but decided not to. I think it’s peachy keen the way it is. Maybe there will be a version 2 in the future..maybe.

I used one of Verinne’s (AKA my snugglemuffin) shapes , and also one of her piercing sets in the vendor pic. And let me say, that woman has got talent. Definitely my favorite female shape I’ve ever worn, and her piercings are fantastic and all shadowed and what not. And she was kind of the inspiration to the outfit too, I suppose. We were talking about military stuff, and WAR NURSES! *flex* And she also plays a…healadin…on WoW. Oh babeh.

Anyways, if you want to be credit to team, you should get this outfit. It’s only 30 lindos..that’s not asking that much to save lives on the battlefield, soldiers. *salutes*

Stay frosty.


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