Lookin’ Cute, Feelin’ Cute

I’m actually supposed to be getting ready for another amazing (not really) day at work but I had taken this picture of Sithas and I towards the end of last week with us just standing around in the house. Which, from the amazing power of blogging, has had Taci magically come back to us – yay! Which means I can build in our house again… atleast, when we find some prims to free up.

I took this last week when I was wearing a 2.0 teeth layer over my Pink Fuel Skye skin and it just so happens that Sithas was looking pretty amazing too. I actually do not have time this morning though, to give credits and Sithas is still asleep so I am unable to get him to give me them as well but I will be sure to snag them when I’m home from work and post them.

I just thought I’d post this before I headed out and before it got any older, It was a day where we both threw our clothes on separately and ended up kind of matching in a little-house-on-the-prairie-meets-fantasy-faun kind of way.


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