Look of the Day – [closer]

Oh what? another LOOK OF THE DIZZNAY? Indeed.

I’ve been wearing this for like 2ish days now, and it’s pretty hot. Being a lady is pretty damn fun. My suggestion for all of SL is to do a lil gender switch sometime. See how it is to be a man or a woman even for a day. I mean, you could do that IRL too if you REALLY wanted to..but that might be expensive..and..painful.

I do have to say that being a female in SL is much more fun because there is just SOOOO many more places to shop and cute things to get and blah blah. As a guy it’s like..we have some nice stuff, some hot manly burly stuff…but not enough, imo. But..it’s always fun to switch it up regardless.

Anyways, Verinne’s laptop is on it’s merry way to Texas. Should be there by Thursday and hopefully they can fix that piece of junk up and ship it back ASAP. Gateway is a pretty sketchy company though. I don’t know how much I trust those skanky manufacturers.

More info on the outfit here. You know the drill.

Peace, and chicken grease.

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