Vendor Idea

I’ve been trying to think of a vendor idea that would work well with the random shit that I make. And I started to just make a plain wood border in Photoshop, was going to just add some metal lining to it and I was like “Huh…that kinda looks like a TV..damn..that’s not a bad idea.”

So, what I’m going to do for the actual vendor pics..I’m going to do..“mock ups” of TV shows or commercials. Like in the picture above its like one of the US Army commercials, or some old school propaganda. That’s the only one I have done so far. Although, a platoon of cute lil medic chicks would be pretty kickass in actuality. *scratches his chin*

Anyways, I’ll probably still fiddle with it. I think it looks good though. People have probably already done this idea, but I have not seen it I’ll roll with it.

Still need to find an in world location for me and Ver’s store. It seems like it’s VERY hard to find a good place with good traffic that’s relatively cheap. In the past I’ve looked for months to find a spot only to come up with nothing. Me and my business buddy Gornax used to have a spot in Harajukubox and we made some good sales there. But, now that place is like a ghost town unless there’s an event going on. *shrugs* The first spot we ever had was at a metal club, and we barely made ANY sales..and we actually tried that again and had the same thing happen. Waste of money to get a vendor spot at clubs, imo. People go for the music and sexing, not so much the shopping.

I might do a Look of the Dizznay later tonight, or maybe just an artsy fartsy photo. So, look foward to that look, lookers.



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