Look of the Dizznay – [lil dancing girl]

Well, I’m actually not wearing this right now, but I was wearing it for most of today! So it counts. I’ve been wanting a nice leotard for awhile now on SL, and this one is definitely nice. Comes with a lot of options and was relatively cheap. And I <3 those flats. One of these days I’m going to have to get more lady skins though, and tattoos. I’m sure you people will tire of the same ol’ skin and tat after awhile. But, they are my favorites.

I was pretty stumped on what to do for the actual background for awhile, but it came out nice. Just played around with erasing and blending and blah blah. Figured I would add in a shot of my butt cause it looks…pretty damn bootylicious. The roseish purply color came out of no where, and I didn’t even plan on making the lil specks in the background look like petals.

You people out there should flex your artistic muscles sometime, just dive into a random project and pshhh..have no idea what you’re going to do. You’ll surprise yourself I bet. You folks should draw a robotic t-rex with a top hat riding a motorcycle or something, maybe throw some zombies in there. I don’t know. IT’S YOUR DREAM WORLD OF ART!

More info on the outfit here.

Keep it real, homies.


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