Look of the Dizzlenizzlenaynay – [fancy faun]

Aw snap. Going back to being a man for now. Being a lady is definitely fun, but in the end..I suppose I am a man. *flex* There aren’t as many men on SL for sure, and it seems to be most men are actually women. So, I suppose being a rare breed isn’t really a bad thing. I still wish there were more places to shop though..I’m going to have to dig deeper, I guess.

I’ve been meaning to take a picture of me in those shorts for a long time, they are fantastic. And finally found a shirt that goes very well with them. Also, that cane AO is pretty incredible. That place has a lot of interesting AOs to say the least. They aren’t the best quality animations for sure, but they do things very unique. Ghost ones, crazy twitchy killer ones, robot ones, ect. Definitely go to the Flickr to check out where its from, and also to see the pic in higher res. It’s worth it, I promise.

Go here for the page, yo.

Live long and prosper.


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