Artsy Fartsy – [ghost of sparta]

Another “I can’t sleep” situation. My schedule is all types of crazy..hopefully I can take a short rest and feel fine..or maybe not even sleep at all..bleh. Not fun. *sighs*

I was fiddling around with this photo for a bit..trying to get the border right. I was going to make it super fancy with like fuckin’ metal and gems and shit. But it just got so cluttered and looked silly. Sometimes the best way to go when it comes to art is to keep it simple, and keep it clean. The smoke and glowy eyes were definitely needed though. *nods* Looks fierce if I do say so.

Anyways. I’ve been been wandering SL like this for 2ish days now? It’s quite fun. The Buried skin with the lil heart on the lips makes me look like some homosexual greek god, which is pretty damn incredible. The spear is great. It’s from Harbinger & Stormie Designs, which is the same place that me and my sugarkins had our bust out dance session at. I also got dual wielding axes from there, very badass.

Speaking of weapons, there’s going to be a rant today sometime about weapons. I can already feel my rage curdling like a glass of milk. Hah, that line hasn’t been used in forever..that one is like circa 2005 right there. *snorts* Also, I might start doing “weird person of the day” posts. I just need to think of a stupidly clever name for it. *scratches his chin* I need to get my babycakes to help me up with that. I miss that girl so much. <3

Safe paths to you, reader.


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