With love, from ipod.

Well, I’m sitting in the backroom of work, eating ramen and thieving wifi from the coffee shop next door. My laptop is somewhere in Texas being repaired and won’t be back to me for atleast the rest of this week — probably the week after as well. It stopped taking a charge I don’t know when, a week ago? Time has become a blur with how little I can accomplish without a pc.

I have no fancy picture to embed in this post, mainly because I don’t have the ability to in the wordpress iPod app. Still, I wanted to say hello and thankyou for the syndication in to iheartsl. It wouldve been nice if I was able to make a nice thankyou post when it happened but I will have to do it when I’m back and up and running.

Let’s just hope I get it back before June 10th as I will be flying out to Las Vegas for the weekend and I’d only assume the MGM Grand Hotel has free Internet. If not, worst call from such a ridiculously expensive hotel. I may not be very active while I’m there and I may not be very aware of my surroundings if alcohol is involved but there will indeed be a Vegas post — with pictures in flickr of course.

Wait a minute, post. I seem to have misplaced my glasses and my bat eyes are — oh, actually, the glasses I thought weren’t mine that are on the desk in front of me are actually mine. There, now I can see what I’m actually typing.

Anyways, we are still looking for a place to set up a shop. Check out the xstreet pages for an idea of what Sithas and I do. When I get back, I’ll hopefully be able to start making more piercings, put out some pose sets and actually get to work on a skin but I’ve got a lot to do with school work so we’ll see.

So, sorry for critting you all with a massive wall of text. You have to feel the love though, I wrote all of this on an iPod touch! Thanks so much for reading and keeping Sithas busy with the blog and hopefully I’ll be back soon!

Lots of love,
Verinne <3


2 thoughts on “With love, from ipod.

  1. MGM Grand charges for internet, 14.95 a day I believe. All Vegas hotels charge, they want you to be gambling, not surfing the net! LOL

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