Look of the Dizznay – [tranquility]

More like Look of the Past 3 Dizznays. But, I really dig this outfit and wanted to make something of it. The flute is fantastic. Probably some of the best musical instruments I’ve seen on SL to this day. Definitely check that place out. I was a lil shaky on rocking silks mostly because I don’t know if any Panthers or homosexual Gorean men would try to capture me. I do look pretty damn tasty though. *sniffs*

My buttercup is back. I’m surprised she hasn’t made a post yet..I might have to yell at her to do so. She is still having some computer problems though, keeps on freezing up on her. But, at least she can charge her laptop now and get on even for a lil bit. Still, it’s frustrating. I hate computers.

Anyways, more info on the stuff in the picture here. Check it out.

May your songs be merry, friends.


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