[twee.] – Piercings

Well, i’m back! Partially. I’m still having some computer problems but hopefully they feel like clearing themselves up soon. I’ll make a nice fancy post later on regarding my magnificent return but for now, I will be post my piercings and my shapes that are currently available on xstreet. So please, come check them out!

We are still looking for places to set up a small shop! Good traffic is required and an awesome sim build is definitely a plus :)

These are currently the few sets I’ve put out. I’ll be making more soon (hopefully), computer permitting. If anyone has any suggestions or idea’s, please drop a notecard my way and I’ll be sure to check it out. All shadows are inworld as well on the piercings, they are built in to them. They come with a no shadow option as well.

~Direct link here~

[twee.] on xstreet


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