Look of the Dizznay – [wonderland]

Oh yes. Don’t I look dashing? Kind of changing it up in terms of hair these days. More often than not I would avoid hair of that style like the damn plague, but I do look very nice..and it’s growing on me. I blame Ver. *cackles* <3 I still think it looks like Justin Bieber hair though!

I have this thing for vests, I’m not sure what it is but..they’re just enjoyable to me. Throw a vest on, a nice dress shirt, and a spiffy jacket..phew..and you are rolling hot. Don’t forget the slacks. You people out there should do that, even if you’re a lady! Dress shirt, vest, jacket, and slacks. Go for it, readers!

I’ve noticed when I work on photos or whatever, I tend to just..listen to whatever stream is going on in SL and zone out completely. Most of the time I have no clue what I’m listening to. Back in the hay day, when I was first getting into Photoshop and Flash I would ALWAYS listen to rap music when I was working on stuff, I have no idea why. *shakes his head* Maybe I’m just a sucker for a good beat.

Tomorrow may be the day I start doing “WEIRD PERSON OF THE DAYYYY” which I may name “Freakshow” and make it circus themed. *shrugs* Just an idea I farted out. We’ll see.

Anyway, more info on the outfit here.

Keep being sexy, champs.


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