Look of the Dizznay – [misty dawn]

Been kinda slacking off on posts after doing my SUPER RAGE MALE SHAPE RANT. Haven’t been doing much on SL really, kinda just stand around and IM people while I get my ass kicked on WoW. Although I still like to play dress up. So, the least I can do is do looks of the day!

I enjoy this outfit, although you can’t see the front, the shirt is like a medievalish tunic while everything else is new age. It’s like if a faun from the old days some how made it to our time via a wormhole or maybe some magical Norse power of the gods, and was like “Yeah, I need some new threads. Give me some shorts and a vest, bitch!” Well, I’m not sure if a faun would say BITCH…maybe WENCH…I don’t know.

You can check out the sim I took the pic at here. Really cool place, one of my favorites on SL for sure.

Anddddd, you can check out the Flickr page here for more info on the outfit.

Oh, totally UNRELATED NOTE! But, I finally got a Xbox 360..took me forever to actually get one because of how greedy Microsoft is. But, it’s nice, anddd if you people out there that read this want to add me my gamertag is Mazironblood. Maybe we can roll out and kill some things or something. =)

Stay strong, people.


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