Artsy Farsty – [isis]

I know, I know. I haven’t been making updates like I used to, apologies all around. I’ve just been kind of…zoning out a lot recently…?

So, Egyptian culture is incredible. Always was my favorite back in grade school, for sure. Some of the most interesting and expansive history/mythology. And, I’ve always had a soft spot for naga in all types of fantasy works, the Warcraft universe being a big one. Can’t want for that underwater city when the expansion comes out. Aw yeah. Also, the name of the pic is inspired mostly by the game Ragnarok Online. The snake lady enemies in that were named Isis and were pretty much topless and would kick some serious ass. I miss that game. But, I figured going topless for the pic would be a lil TOO skanky…maybe some other time. Wink wink.

But, I’d figure I would indulge myself and get a naga..snake..bottom half..thing. It’s very cool. Comes with like a hug and kiss animator where you can wrap your tail around someone..and it comes with its own AO and what not..all different colors are available separately. Highly recommended if you want to be a bitchin’ snake person like me. The Xstreet page with all of their items is here.

The place I took the pic at is pretty interesting. There’s the Egyptian area, a castle, a Romanish ceremony square, and the Taj Mahal with a club inside of it? But, it’s all extremely well done lil chunks of recreations. Check that out here. Great place for photos, definitely.

I was thinking of making it a look, and I still might..but..for now.. I think it will stay as an arsty pic.

Flickr is here. So you can see it in it’s FULL RES GLORY!

Senebti, my people. (Supposedly that means “Goodbye” in Ancient Egyptian? It’s probably actually “Penis” or something, but I’LL STILL USE IT! )


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