[WTF.] am I wearing?

Well, I figure I’d keep this to daily since I don’t know when my laptop will die again. I was technically running around the grid in mainly a slutty-ass bikini from The Whore (which, I have no issue with it being slutty, I am not trying to make this sound like the brand is bad. If it was bad, I wouldn’t have bought it. <3 The Whore) because I was attempting to sort inventory. I will just say this; If you have never sorted your inventory, do it now. Before it gets unmanageable like mine and I only have just over 30k items. If you are new, I beg you to sort things as you get them or you will never do it. I swear to god, my one regret is not taking that advice when I first started.

Anyways, then I realized I had to somehow do a half-assed picture for Rent-A-Ho date auction. By half-assed I mean that I do not have the ability to edit it or make it pretty other than hoping my inworld shot looks mildly presentable so I tried to counter it with one of my oldest outfits I wear but I love it. Some of the bodyparts change, like hair, skin and piercings but the rest of the outfit has been the same since I don’t know when (there is an old picture of me in it from months ago on my flickr, somewhere).

These AVZ boots are my favorite clunky boots and I saw that they have other ones out now? Means I need to go pick these up in white (finally) and take a look at the new ones that looked pretty baller if you ask me. The Plastik skin is the one from the just passed 50L Friday; of which was still out when I wandered through earlier today so if you didn’t get it, it might still be out. I’ve been considering throwing my coin at the Plastik Lionheart and Lionheart Poet skin sets but I really am a cheap ass and I know they are so worth it but I’m a struggling student haha. One day, perhaps.

The horns are Illusions, as are all of my horns and I love them to death. I have antlers and horns and masks and blindfolds and… and… I love Illusions.Piercings as always are my own, which are for sale on xstreet (yay [twee.]!)  Tattoo i’ve had forever is from Garden of Ku. I saw it blogged recently and was like oh, yeah, I used to wear that. The rest of the credits are on the flickr page, as usual.

Again! Check out http://pennelopethiessam.wordpress.com for the Rent-A-Ho event where you can buy my hot pixels!

Credits @ Flickr.


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