Artsy Fartsy – [demon domina]

So, I seem to be on a dark skin, dark side fling these days. I mean..SITH is in my name. *Snorts* Ahhh..nerdiness.

Story time. I woke up that day and was making food..and I’m weird and I like to say random words out of no where, so I just blurted out “Beelzebub.” When I got on the computer I went on SL, and I went to some place and I bought..I don’t even remember what I bought..I think it was hair from Anaphora for my MAN FORM. LO AND BEHOLD, my Linden balance after that was 666. Then me and my sugarbee went to the Harajukubox Skin Fair thing and they have a skin there from a place called DEMON Cake. The skin is called THE BAD – DEMON’s deliciously dark skinned and sexy and it was really I got it. I just rolled with the demon vibe after that and put on the outfit in the picture, got the head wings from Illusions and the tail from Sinful Needs(I’ll be blogging more about them very soon. WINK WINK.) Then we went to an event..I won second place..and guess how many Lindens I won? THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST!

Craziness. In the book series I’m reading, The Wheel of Time, if you call the Dark One by his call his darkness down on you and allow him to come more into the world. Maybe I did that. If anyone got consumed by demonic minions..I apologize.

The place we took the pic at is pretty awesome, quite laggy, but awesome! The SLurl is on the Flickr page here. You’ll want to see the pic in its full res glory anyway, believe’s hot. The pose and crop are actually from the same place, XOXO ANIA. They have some very interesting poses, and the had the exact pose I was looking for when the idea for the pic popped in my mind.

Anyways, pfft..uhh..I’ve been slacking on blogs cause I’ve just been out of it. The rants seem to get the most views..I guess people like the RAAAAGE..hmm..I’ll probably do one about Gestures next..ugh…get ready for that. I still need to redo all my vendors and blah blah blah..really don’t want to do that right now. I probably should do a blog on gender bending one of these days as well..considering I do it all the time.

Oh well…

C’est la vie.


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