[WTF.] 7.16.10

(click for larger @ Flickr.)

Well, I’ve been pretty out of it. I actually have a lot to blog today. Amazing, I know but I had a few surprises thrown my way and this is just the daily one I’ve been slacking on. I really enjoy going off and finding a sim to take pictures in and I’m also trying to get back in to the photoshop groove, though I’ve been keeping it pretty simple.

This was supposed to be yesterdays but I never got around to it. I’m currently at RL work and able to bring in my laptop, which is awesome, so I figured I’d make this post. This is another outfit i’ve always had lurking around.

Like most of my outfits, some things get tweaked. Like the headwings from Illusions, those are new; Though I usually just have a pair of horns on from them as well. My head ornamentation is usually always from Illusions, now that I think about it.

The hair, like just about always, is Truth. It’s from this weeks new releases, Aradhana and I love the hair ribbon! The weekly releases are like my regular dose of heroine sans needles and heroine. Skin and ears as usual are Plastik. Do I take them off ever now? No. Though I will admit to buying the Harajuku Pink Fuels skins so you may see them pop up; Or some Laqroki since they put out the new eyebrow kits (fucking AMAZING?!)

The dress, now I’ve owned this for a while and I tend to go back and check out the store from time to time for more awesome latex like this, but it’s from IMMERSCHOEN. It’s amazing. They have a ton of awesome shit like this, and if I didn’t raid graves enough, I’ve raided Immerschoen’s for all their latex as well. I have a love of latex and collars, hmmm… we won’t get in to that =].

The amazing wings are from the Rock Devil outfit from Bare Rose that was released probably around a year ago. I think I buy anything from there, simply because of the details and accessories that come with everything for amazing prices. I know everyone’s been to Bare Rose, as it was the first store I was ever introduced to for clothing so I assume many people had the same.

Also, i’ve been floating around in a bubble. LOVE YOU SWEET LOVELY CUTE FUWA FUWA BUBBLE.

(don’t mind the LAQ demo, I’m feeding my skin whore addiction.)

(Click for larger @ Flickr.)


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