Paper or Plastik? [1]

Yesterday, well… The Yesterday of Yesterday as somehow this blog post became a blog post past midnight, I woke up to the most amazing phenomena ever. And that was, Plastik. I think I squealed for quite a bit, hopped up and down on my bed and then I just kind of stared at them. I didn’t think I had it in me to do all of this, but obsessive compulsiveness prevailed and I got it done. It took me almost an entire day, but I had a lot to do.

I still have two more sets of things to blog about, but these skins were too amazing to not do. So, let’s just roll in to this, as I raped my flickr and all my contacts flickr with these.

(If you would like to see any of these pictures in their full rez glory click for Flickr.)

Now, when I say I’m in love with myself when I’m wearing these skins, I really mean I’m fucking in love with myself. Those ass dimples, hip bones and killer stomach shading and highlighting makes me cam myself all day. I love standing around naked or atleast semi naked (in public) while wearing these because, honestly? I’m fucking hot.

(Bare, Freckled, Pout, Shy)

Each makeup you receive (which there are 25 of, including the one above) comes in four versions. Bare is simple, Freckle is obvious. Pout is a redder lip with blush and Shy is a nude lip with blush. I like the dark blush, but the freckles are ADORABLE?!? Like I was saying, though. There are Twenty-Five makeups in the default Lionheart sets (we’ll get to Poet in another post) and for the price of the fatpack, how is that not worth it? Do the math.

(August, Blood Geisha, Blue Jay, Cirrus)

(Daisylion, Decembrice, Flamethrower, Girl)

(Hawai, Januari, Jole, June)

(Mer, Murder, Nightingale, Peacock)

(Prowess, Raven, Robin, Self Destruct)

(Skittles, Suicide, Toxic Geisha, Violinna)

Now, how fucking beautiful is that? Honestly. These are all in the High-Definition set. You get so much within a set of these. You get your Skintone in two version; Regular and High-Def. Four versions of each makeup, twenty-five unique makeup options, a set of ears as well as matching ears. You’re all set; Minus a shape but just head over to my xstreet and you’ll look super sexy. I mean it. Try a demo out with these skins. Elyane is gorgeous in them.

(Tale, Myth, Legend, Fable, Saga, Story)

You get six skintones to choose from, from light to almost drow-esque.

Honestly, what the hell are you waiting for? Go get them.

You’ll look fabulous. I promise.



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