Paper or Plastik? [2]

Last night I posted up all the Lionheart Skins by Plastik but I wasn’t done. After you pick yourself up some awesome skin sets, there is another, which is like an add-on, with ten extra and highly decorate makeup called the Poet set. The fatpack actually gives you all makeups in all tones, so if you like all the tones, pick up a fatpack of your favorite tone in the 25set and pick up the full set of these and you’ll have a little bit of everything.

The makeups are big and bright and photograph great (I love Nouveau). I have a skin addiction and let me tell you, these Plastik skins were some great drugs. I sigh in happiness at the sight of them.

(To see these in their high rez glory, click for Flickr.)

(Chemicalburn, Corazon, Dragonwings, Empress)

(Firebird, Gras, Imagine, Nouveau)

(Trip, Toxic)

I apologize for the sketchy bottom edges, I honestly didn’t notice them as I had been staring at CS5 for I don’t know how long.


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