Paper or Plastik? [3]

Finally, there comes the Handprints sets in the Lionheart Skinline from Plastik. There is another large set, the Elvens but I highly doubt I need to entice you anymore with these skins, I’m pretty sure if you have your heart set of a specific skin colour, the Elvens probably have it for you.

These are like the Elvens, only a bit more ornamental. There are 11 skintones to choose from, ranging from the original six outwards to blues, pinks, purples and greens. All have handprints across the body as well as some on the face.

(Myth, Fable, Story, Skies, Blue, Legend, Saga, Tale, Melon, Metamorph)

Within those eleven choices, you also get six makeups of each tone. Ranging from a bare face to detailed eyeliner, smokey eyes or a tribal style. The Tribal one and Cult are my favorites of the six, though. and I love the Legend and Skies skintones.

(Bare, Cult, Evel)

(Freckled, Shade, Tribal)

Like the other posts, all of these have higher resolution versions over on Flickr. I highly suggest checking them out if you’re even mildly interested in the skins as 500 width images can only show you so much. For their High Rez versions, click for Flickr.


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