CandyDoll (and SOL) [1]

Most of Today was spent in RL, sometimes life has to happen. Still, I came home to these in my inventory and I don’t think I’ll ever get used to things being thrown at me. Thanks so much, Rebeca!

Summer of Love is upon us and so are these skins from CandyDoll. The skin is named Adelina; Which is actually a very pretty name. I’ve never heard it, I may have to steal it for a name in Warcraft… Anyways.

The makeup is really bright and colourful. The image above is shown with the new CandyDoll crying makup layers and the Pale skintone with Brunette Eyebrows. From what I’ve seen, CandyDoll is known for their colourful and feminine colourings of makeup and this is no exception.

The skin comes in two versions, one with blonde brows and three tones and another with brunette brows which comes in four tones. The Brunette set has one extra and it’s a dark tone that the blonde doesnt have. I’d say that if Rebeca would’ve made the Dark in the blonde brows it would’ve looked pretty Ganguro-esque and it could’ve been popular but Ganguro is only cute sometimes and the tones she has set for each brow work well.

(Tan, Tanned, Pale)

(Tanned, Pale, Dark, Tan)

(Regular and Enhance Cleavage Options)

This skin has the most gorgeous fucking super boobs I’ve seen. Like, LOOK at that? You have to see it in full rez but it’s amazing. Head out to the Summer of Love fair to pick up the demos and prepare yourself for superboob.

Click for high rez @ Flickr.


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