CandyDoll (and SOL) [2]

A bit back I professed my detest for prim flaps. Rebeca of CandyDoll must’ve done this to sway me from my hate. Her Jinny skirt has, by far, the best and easiest to work with prim flaps I have ever come in contact with. Really. The skirts are also nice mini-skirts. There is none of that ass cleavage and vagina flashing here. They’re nice and sexy without the trashy and the flower patterned ones are my absolute favorites!

They may be low waist hipster skirts, but I mean it, my ass is not hanging out. Of course prim flaps still show when you’re in extreme poses and motion but in most nice poses, look at that, seemingly seemless. Ugh. Makes me nerdgasm.

Now, stop reading and go shop.

@ CandyDoll.

(High Rez @ Flickr.)


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