Look of the Dizznay – [viper]

Oh the demon lady saga continues..but this time in urban sexiness flavor!

This outfit is pretty much all types of baller. I’ve been bouncing around on SL mostly in deliciously skanky armor for the most part, from the same place that made the tail in the pic, Sinful Needs. A review on that armor will come soon..I’ll be most likely doing the male half though, which is delicious and skanky as well! But, I’d figure I’d switch it up..you really don’t see that many demons rockin’ regular clothes. It’s usually all loincloths and kilts and…nipple guards.

The idea and name of the look came mostly from the Street Fighter 4 character Crimson Viper..who is damn hot. But, I put my own lil spin on it. That’s just how I roll! I do wish I had a high tech suit that can shock people and then light them on fire though. *Scratches chin*

The jacket is great, barely had to adjust it at all besides making it smaller and it fits right. It’s from DeLa which can be decently pricey but well worth it. Probably will get this cute lil knit dress from there as well. The jacket kind of pulled the whole look together. I was wearing an outfit from Custom Inkz which is very cheap and very nice called SUCK IT! which is also very RAUNCHY. I like raunchy. Anyways..it needed a jacket to pull it together..although it does hide my big ol’ butt. The pants are from Sassy Kitty, and good lord, some of the lowest I’ve seen without being COMPLETELY showing your vagoo. The pants show like..full ass..it’s pretty tasty. That place is..slut heaven, it’s great.

I’ve had those glasses before..used to wear them all the time as an adorable elven boi. But, one day they just completely fled my inventory..so I had to scoot over to Nea-Ban and get them again. But, they have nice glasses..which is hard to come by on SL. A lot of glasses are just like..a 2D flat prim with some sticks for behind the ear. *Snorts*

Anyway..I won’t get into more deets. I’ve ran on enough! All the info on the stuff is in the Flickr here.

Mac n’ cheese is delicious. <3


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