Gurl, you ain’t never gonna be as cool as no Tyrannosaurus.

So, please, stop having arms as short as them. T-rex is great, T-rex is awesome but even original godzilla had tiny baby arms and unless you are either Godzilla or T-rex, your arms are not supposed to be that short. I get a shit storm thrown at my constantly for how I’m a bully, bitch, psycho, incorrect spaz over how compulsive I am when it comes to arm length but it’s one of those things that my eyes pick up on instantly. You could have a cute avatar but once those arms get a good stare at and I see they’re hitting you at like, your hips? It kills it.

I understand that gaining correct arm length can be difficult, especially on more petite and shorter avatars. Arm length versus your avatar height is dependent on multiple sliders which include your main height slider, your torso length slider, your hip length slider, your leg length slider as well as obviously, your arm length slider. Even your hand size slider can make a tiny difference in where your fingertips are in comparison to your correct, mid-thigh goal. The third one up there still irks me but the other two totally blow my mind.

I had a girl say to me, who’s arms were the same as the ones on the far left tell me her arms were right, because in real life her arms reached her vagina. No, dear, you’re wrong. Please, stand up from your desk and realize that unless you are officially written down as handicapped due to deformity from your arms being too short, then I assure you, your arms come to mid-thigh. Some people even have it longer. Musicians usually seem to have longer arms, especially Pianists due to their long term time spent on the piano. If they grew up playing, their fingers grew out thinner and longer to accommodate the instrument.

I know this won’t make 3/4th the people within second life realize they have arms fit for a seven year old but with how much people want to point the finger at me for being out of line, maybe you could actually point at me if your arms were longer. I see it everywhere, constantly. Half the time I just face palm and the other half I say something. Just don’t be surprised if I call you out on it. Cause at the end of the day, google arm length versus height or correct arm length or human proportion or human anatomy and you’ll see it the same everywhere.


11 thoughts on “Gurl, you ain’t never gonna be as cool as no Tyrannosaurus.

  1. I’m not the only one out there muted by half of Second Life for trying to teach proper human anatomy? I feel so much happier now. Most people who’s have their arms “go to their vagina in real” are seem to also be obese in real life and their arms are “shorter” from hanging over their larger love handles. If they were at a healthy weight they’d notice that they are in fact not actually deformed.

  2. the third no is also a correct length btw.. some people have shorter arms, some have longer, depends on height, gender, ethnicity, but the first two.. yah unless you’re a “little person” your arms are probably longer than that x3 My arms about as long as the third “no” but I am male, and short (5’5”). :P

    • ack to clarify my wrist is at the bottom of my pelvis ish..

      but males are usually like that, where as females generally are longer -.-;; but the shorter you are the shorter your arms and vice versa.. so the 7′ tall women with arms to their waste are really scary x3

  3. Just gotta say I agree. But then, I’d probably be making snarky comments about your avi behind your back because of your hip width. Most people can’t drive a semi truck through their legs. Not saying your thighs have to rub together like a fat chick who starts a fire in corduroys, but a midget could play limbo with your vag.

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