[WTF.] 7.29.10

Full Rez @ Flickr.

I’ve been slacking, haven’t I? In my defense, I haven’t been readily available to blog due to RL. Nothing bad, just Mayhemfest, the beach and lots of time with some friends (and a decent amount of video games and roadtrip inbetween). I’ve got a lot to do, as well as doing some shit, build-wise aaaand schoolwork wise. There needs to be more time in my days.

I saw this shirt from COCO on the feeds not that long ago and had to go get it. It fits so well with what I’ve been wearing as of lately. I mean, the beach is instant lazy time with moderate skin showing to where you don’t really care if your bra is hanging out, half the people have seen you in a next-to-nothing bathing suit all day that it isn’t that big a deal.

This really is just me channeling myself. I demo’d this skin from ATOMIC and was like woah, does this kind of look like me? I thought it did. Regardless, it’s cute and I love the freckles. Even the freckles remind me of mine. I just want a freckle tattoo layer or something to add more to my chest and shoulders as I get a ton in those area’s when I get sun.

I’m honestly a bit sleepy but I have tomorrow off. Will blog more then because right now I’m hungry and then I’m going to go to bed.

Full Rez and Credits @ Flickr.


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