Artsy Fartsy – [patchwerk]

Ahhh, a weird ragdoll with a hook and a Lovecraft based sim. What a fantastic combo.

The place I got the av at is Losthaven, fantastic place, fantastic sculpts and textures. Some of the best I’ve seen. They have great armor, accessories and weird avs. I’m a big fan of weird avs..I have so many random avs it’s absolutely redonk. Some people buy a ton of clothes, hair or skins..I usually pick up all the wacky avs I can come across. My personal SL addiction, including things that explode.

The sim I shot it at is great, it’s all 1930s and creepy with aquatic monsters all around. You really can’t go wrong with H.P. Lovecraft. My friend Lanie took me should probably check out her blog here. It’s a good name for a blog, I do have to say!

I used to draw stuff like that ragdoll all the time in my notebook during class, so I guess that’s why I had to buy it right away. I love stuff like that…very Silent Hill as well. Also, bonus points for those who know what I named the pic after.

Flickr here.

Photo taken here:


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