Sinful Needs – Dark Seducer Armor

Well, this has been postponed for quite some time, I apologize humbly for that. *Curtsies*

Although my enjoyment of being a man has kind of gone downhill lately I still enjoy it from time to time, and I suppose for this review I should take up the male torch to be fair.

To start off, the armor is great. You can easily see the detail in it..I mean even has giant manly erect metal nipples.*Cackles* Although I did have to adjust mine a lil bit, the armor came with 4 different sizes for different body types. More places should do this..not everyone has the same build so I appreciate that Sinful Needs did this. I do enjoy how it comes with a nice don’t see enough metal bulges these days.

The chest, horn and crotch/tail pieces are scripted with a thing called SINTERACT which is a great name..and fun to say! It’s for doing premade emotes about those certain..body parts..wink wink. I’m partial to writing my own emotes, but for people that don’t have the’s nice..and they are very well written. You can also target people before doing the emote so you can like..wrap your tail around someone and stuff like that which is handy.

I do have to say that the horns are my favorite part of this armor though..they look fantastic and were the reason why I got weak at the knees when I went to the Sinful Needs mainstore. Definitely the center piece of the armor, at least for me.

Every single piece of this armor is scripted to work with a HUD they sell called the Alchemy 4 HUD (pictured above.) I will admit when I first looked at the HUD I was like…“Huuuuuh?” but if you read the manual it isn’t too complicated. It would be nice if there was a more simple HUD that came bundled with the armor just for recoloring and resizing. The HUD has like..too many stuff to even list in can practically control everything and anything from Sinful Needs with it. It even has its own AO and dance chim in it..which is delightfully crazy. If you buy a lot of stuff from the store..I would say buying the HUD is a good idea!

All in all, it’s good male armor although it’s very skimpy. It can fit the body of a dominating demon lord or a sexy sassy incubus very well. There’s a lack of hot evil guys out there, so take a trip to Sinful Needs and get demoned out. You’ll have those vampire ladies swooning when you give them a lash with your tail, I promise! The HUD is nice for the recoloring and other random goodies it holds, but I wouldn’t say it’s needed to fully enjoy this beastly armor. I had to hand resize a lot of the pieces because the HUD was slightly laggy with resizing..which I would say is the only bad thing about it. But, a very small thing..and easily overlooked. *Nods*

Click here for the Sinful Needs mainstore. Click here for more info on the pic and to see it in a higher res.

Picture was taken here:


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