Sinful Needs ~ Dark Temptress Armor

(So hot. Credits @ Flickr.)

I feel so fucking cool in this armor. Sithas showed off the awesome male version of this armor, the Seducer set and I’m stylin’ the temptress/female. This all started with the horns, like Sithas said. I was probably blogging or something when he told me I had to come see a set of horns and when I rezzed ontop of them, oh baby the dragon-queen was calling. For all you wow-nerds out there, I’m talking about Alexstrasza; The Life Binder, the Red Aspect. For all you non-nerds… the horns look like hers, okay?! Sinful Needs really outdid themselves with the lavish horns and then just beat everyones armored asses with the full set.

Like Sithas stated, everything is full recolourable via the HUD and I had fun colour-coding myself to match that of The Life-Binder. There are multiple gem colours, metals, ivories and even fleshtones you can use to change each piece you may need. Again, though, it’s all still modifiable if you need to do some minor tweaking.

The best part about this armor, for me, other than the horns, is how fucking AMAZING it fits on my thick thighs, hips and huge booty. I mean, seriously. Minor adjusting on the calves because I’m mildly bow-legged and we were set. It honestly took my longer to decide on what hair to wear then adjusting the prims. The fact that it comes in multiple sizes was an amazing plus. Slapped on petite and it worked perfectly. They even come with shapes if you are new to SL and want a super easy demon shape to start with. We highly suggest checking Sinful Needs out if you need to fill your armor quota. We promise, it’s awesome.

In fact, head on over right now @ Atlan Tu Sura.

(its SL, I swears! credits @ Flickr.)


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