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I actually wasn’t intending to blog this. Stupid, I know. It just didn’t cross my mind after Nara and I finished piecing the outfit together for her 50 Linden Friday Item over @ Turquoise Unicorn Studios. It’s to mimic an outfit of one of the most gorgeous women I’ve seen.

While it’s not as dead on as I would’ve liked, It’s so very hard to find this outfit. Luckily, it was pieced together from items that were all already in my inventory. Crazy how some digging can basically be a shopping experience on it’s own.

(Outfit Credits @ Flickr.)

While the outfit was intended to be used in an image with heavy photo-manipulation to achieve a great resemblance, the outfit itself in world is gorgeous on its own. The skin is actually one I’ve had since I started SL and is from Den-Dou. It photographs magically and the lips are gorgeous. It had the perfect high brows, too. I only threw the skin on in testing and realized it worked great in the long run.

Everything else is an assortment of items from all over, credits will be listed on the flickr page (linked below the image). Though I must give a sincere Thank You to Exile for having this hair. I was hopping all over the place for hair and I dropped in on exile and saw it. Gorgeous hair, Exile please make more crazy fluffy hair for me to wear around. I needs it! Please?


One thought on “[WTF.] 7.30.10 [AKA RAZORCANDI]

  1. Kym is the most beautiful woman I know. You might not know, Kym has a twin Eden. Eden tends to photograph Kym, more then she likes to be photographed. . .They have minor differences as they are identical. I have thought of mimicking an outfit or two on SL – you did really good. :]

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