Before I get in to depth on this post, I wanted to take a moment to squeal over the Pink Fuel skin that’s out for Project Themeory. It’s a preview, like the last few times she’s put out skins for the event, of a skin she’s working on and I can’t wait for it’s actual release. It’s so fucking cute I can’t handle it. I love good teeth skins, I really do. I know a lot of people find them kind of creepy but I am oh-so fond of the buck teeth. <3 beaver forever, amirite?


KHUSH owner Liess Paine gifted me with her items for the current Summer of Love event. It’s last day, as I read somewhere is August 8th so go and check it out if you haven’t already.

(Trix in Wine, Black, Blue and Grey.)

First up is a set of adorable longer length shorts. I personally love shorts this length, especially with them being so low waisted but not so low that 3/4th of my ass is on display. They’re really summery but I can only assume that was the idea on it.

(GeGe in Green, Plum, Black and Rose.)

These are some high-waisted hotpants that make my booty look awesome. They’re very Lady GaGa-esque to me and anything that Mama Monster would wear is welcome in my inventory! (I love you, mama monster :x) I love the little belly-button shading on these and the zipper accents are so well done and smooth.

(Lindsey Dress in Black, Deep Pink, Pink and Green.)

Here is an awesome mini-dress. Not overdone, not flashy. Just a casual, smooth and slightly sporty dress (with an awesome prim flap! Is there a new way to make these things or something?!) The texturing on these, like everything else in this post, is great. The prim flap blends in perfectly. The only photoshopping i’ve done on any of these images was shoving multiples of myself together and add a drop shadow. No magic was used in the making of these prim-flaps. I promise. They’re pretty short but not ass-showing short, they could second as a long tank top or tight tunic-type deal. I put one on with the shorts a few days ago and wandered around in them while on my beachy clothes kick.

High Rez images found @ Flickr.

To head on over to the Summer of Love Fair, it’s @ Purgatory.

Go, there are tons of great things. Even I have to go back again.

Or head over to KHUSH Mainstore @Dixon Agence.

Other items in this post include: Horns from Illusions, Faun tail/hooves and Ears by Visavi, Leopard Spot Tattoo from Para Designs, Hair by, Piercings by [twee.], Eyes by Plastik, Skin by Pink Fuel, Lashes by Redgrave and Bra from Armidi.

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