Look of the Dizznay – [daredevil]

Well, I’ve been wanting to get this sweet ass suit for a long time..so I finally broke down and bought it. It’s pretty incredible..I might just wear it forever. It’s from a western store named Deadwool, very cool stuff. They have cowboy boots there..definitely one of the best sculpts I’ve seen..I really want them.

The owl is so damn adorable, I love it. His name is Reginald and he can be quite sassy at times. It’s from Wynx..they have two different owls, and bats, and a raven, and parrots. The parrots are completely adorable. You can make them fly around you with a command, sadly it needs to be object enabled though..but it’s still awesome..and they make noises and say something when you click on them. Also you can speak through them, so you can make your bird/bat say some snippy comments.

I was looking for some sort of chapel or old town or castle to take the pic at..skimming through the destination guide which is THE BEST THING ABOUT 2.0 REALLY. That thing is great. Even though the sidebar still sucks ass. Anyway..it’s a recreation of Mont Saint-Michael. Very interesting, and they did a really good job. It looks great. Probably took a really long time to put as much detail as they did into it.

I might do a rant tonight or tomorrow..maybe..and I’ve been working on the border for my..WEIRD PERSON OF THE DAYYYY. So, we’ll see where that goes..I still need to redo all my vendors and blah blah bloo blee. Too bad I’m so damn lazy and just enjoy looking pretty. *Sigh*

Flickr here. Check it out in full res..it’s worth it..and also to see where I got all my sexiness!

Picture taken here: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mont%20Saint%20Michel/81/1…

Stay frosty.


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