[Candydoll.] Nite Nite Tops.

(Nite Nite top options: Without and With Bra)

I’m invading your feeds! Kidding. Here is a cute little crop top from Candydoll. It comes in two options and a to of colours. You can wear it as a boobie shirt (omnom) or with a cute black and white lacey bra. I think the fact that she gave you the ability to pair the top with your own Bra is a great idea. The given bra is fantastic itself but the idea around allowing us to wear what we want with it gives the tops endless functionality. Props, Rebeca!

(Nite Nite Tops in all colours.)

Check out Candydoll @ Sedna.

To view the high rez images, they’re @ Flickr.

Other items in this post include Skin and Cleavage by ATOMIC, Hair by TRUTH, Piercings by TWEE., Ears/tail/hooves by VISAVI, Horns by ILLUSIONS, Finger tape and Skirt by LUCK INC, Tattoo by GARDEN OF KU, Eyes by PLASTIK, Eyelashes by REDGRAVE, Poses by KSCREATIONS

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