[teaser.] Al Bhed Eyes.

(Al Bhed Eyes in Purple, Gold, Green and Blue!)

Nia Smithson, the owner of <dinosaur> gifted me these after I nerdgasmed all over her flickr image of them. Back when I was a noob and played IMVU, all I ever wore were a pair of green Al Bhed eyes. If you aren’t familiar with what Al Bhed is, it stems from Final Fantasy. The Al Bhed are a type of human but differ from regular humans. All of them have blonde hair and green, spiral-esque eyes. These eyes are dead on to Al Bhed eyes. I adore them.

Sadly, like I said they aren’t out yet so this is a tease. I’ll re-blog them when they’re out as well as when they have matching prim eyes to go along with them. I love my glowy eyes and glowy al-bhed eyes are a ringer for my main eyes when the prim eyes are out.

Sorry to tease!

The piercings are [twee.], Hair is Truth, Skin is Pink Fuel, Horns are Illusions, Choker is Curious Kitties, Ears are Visavi, Lashes are Redgrave

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