I’m sorry, Ms. Milena :(

The skin on the far left has been pretty popular. I won’t deny that I demo’d and wanted to buy it badly. But, then if you look at this a bit you realize something. Mochi Milena of Pink Fuel hand draws her skins. Now it makes sense why the unique skins eyebrows are mildly pixelated doesn’t it? I remember seeing teaser images of Elly on Mochi’s Flickr a little before Jolie was released, does anyone else? As well as a few people in-world with the skin though it wasn’t released.

The creator of the Jolie skin, Nany Merlin, shouldn’t be taking credit for such a cute skin. We should thank Mochi for such a cute face and rejoice when Elly is fully released. I’m glad I didn’t spend 5k on these now.

I is sorry, Mochi.

Click here for the full resolution image of the comparison @ Flickr.

Click here for the full resolution image of the body comparison @ Flickr.

EDIT: I’d like to note that with all this drama floating around over it that I personally feel it is copy-botted. Does this mean I know it is? No, don’t get in a huff. The overlay is almost identical. The nose is so close and even the eyebrows, lips and shading around the eyes. If no one else wants to point the finger then I’ll do it myself. If I’m wrong, the sun will still rise, Mochi will still create and Unique will still have Jolie. Everyone able to breathe now?



5 thoughts on “I’m sorry, Ms. Milena :(

  1. think accusations without real background is just a point against the quality of Second Life, I am a professional business for 10 years, and only a good designer look and see how this skin has no trace of copy, indeed just look at my previous work and see it is very sad for people to work with so little character, if I copy it’ll certainly send DMCA for that.

  2. Nany, I think that you since all you did was haphazardly copy and paste the same message on both flickr images and this blog post instead of writing up a large reason as to why your skins look like they’re using a ripped template of Mochi Milena’s, gives us more reason to doubt your claim to innocence.

    If you are innocent, then you have the proof, don’t you?
    I do not see that this skin has “no trace of copy” since this post shows evidence of even marginal copy., where’s your proof otherwise?

  3. There are many skin in Second Life, and is easy to blame if the information was real someone would have denounced the fact Linden, posted the high resolution images, there is no equal PIXEL, a professional would know to!

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