[puppies inc.] my undies are brighter than yours.

I got thrown a landmark for a store today because I wanted to look at its wall textures (lol, I know right?) Regardless, I rezzed in and there was cute underwear! I love lingerie and I’m usually in my bra and undies half the time in SL anyways because of how lazy I am most of the time. Still, who doesn’t love neon coloured underwear? The prices are awesome and by awesome I mean, go buy all of it because you can afford it — I promise.

The store, Puppies Inc. seems like its squeaky clean on the new side but it’s got awesome potential from this lingerie that’s out. They come in three colours; Blue, Green and orange and you can mix and match what type of Bra you want. I’m showing all three bra types in this post while I’m missing one or two of the other type of panties/boyshorts that are offered.

Just another showing of all the different bra types in blue. I love blue and I also love this tiny stringy thong-thing with the bows.  I highly suggest going and picking up the lingerie, for all I know with how nice it is the price could go up.

Head over to Puppies Inc @ Bethymine.

And might I take a moment to say how fucking gorgeous my hip-bones look in ATOMIC’s Audri skin? omnom.

Other items in this post include Hair from TRUTH, Skin from ATOMIC, Hooves/Ears/Tail from VISAVI, Piercings from TWEE., Tattoo from PORCUPINE LOVE, Necklace from INCA TEMPLE, Bracelet from LA FORGIA JEWELS, Eyes from PLASTIK, Lashes from REDGRAVE and fingertape from LUCK INC

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