[The Black Canary.] – Wisdom

(Full resolution @ Flickr.)

Just a small post but filled with oh-so much loveliness. I had the honour of seeing someone I adore again after almost a year. Morrigan Denimore of The Black Canary dressed me for my first few months in Second Life. I was a Lolita and his dresses were gorgeous. Nara was socializing and TPed me and I was surprised to see him. He’s still beautiful and his creations are just as beautiful, too. This dress, Wisdom, takes me back to my roots and his Rocking Horse Shoes match perfectly. I feel like a little dollie all over again and going back to being a Lolita is so very tempting.

Perhaps I will be a Lolita again when Pink Fuel’s Elly is released. The face matches the Lolita attire perfectly <3

Come visit The Black Canary @ Aurora Vale.

Other items in this post include Skin by PINK FUEL, Hair by TRUTH, Lashes by REDGRAVE, Eyes by PLASTIK

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