Ha! – Ruffled Sport Skirts and Tube Tops (oh baby.)

Pushing my slacking aside, I’ve got a bunch of cute skirts and tops for you. Ha! is owned by Trixi Wuyts and I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Ha! is the reformulation of  Urbanity. Correct me if I’m wrong here, please. Regardless, the clothing still reflects high attention to detail as expected and also has another well-done prim flap. Seriously, did the prim flap just get easier or have I just been a noob until now?

Each skirt comes in a set. The Blacks come with a Black/Black option and their respected colour, while the colour skirts are partnered with a random other complimenting colour. Everyone loves two for one deals and everyone loves them even more when its two things that are fucking adorable.

Here are some prim tops. Some magnificent prim tops. They are one prim which means you can squish and stretch and size to make it fit your shape perfectly. Textures for them are just perfect, too and even have a slight material grain to them for realism. All the colour options make these tops pretty much a must-have in your inventory. Who doesn’t love a perfect piece of prim clothing?

On a side-note, I’ve made a plurk, if anyone is interested in friending me on it, go ahead. I’ll update it whenever I feel like, and post when I’ve made a new blog post or made something new, or whatever I really feel like, honestly. So find me @ Plurk.

Head over to Ha! @ Luck Inc 2.

View the High Resolution Images @ Flickr.

Other items in this post include Hair from PLOOM, Skin from PINK FUEL, Piercings from TWEE., Ears/Hooves from VISAVI, Horns from LUCKLESS, Eyes from PLASTIK, Lashes from REDGRAVE, Choker from CURIOUS KITTIES, Tattoo from MOLOKO (SOL), Fingertape from LUCK INC.

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