Look of the Dizznay – [old blood]

My motivation has been lower than a snake these days. But, I can still at least pull off looking badass and cute decently.

I love warpaint, don’t know why..must be the Scottish blood in me..although the pic is more Native influenced. So, I had to get the new skin at Plastik. It’s fantastic..might wear it around for a long time. A cleavage option would be nice though..but oh well..that’s where Ayumi comes in with an enhancer that I’ve had for a long ass time.

Blue Galaxy is like one of my favorite places of all time..and I wanted to put the sexy suspenders and chunky pants to good use..never thought it would fit so well on a lady!

Eh, I’ll keep this short. Sorry for lack of shout outs to stores..but that’s really what the Flickr is for..sooo go there NOW!

Pic taken here: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Avaria/83/157/21


One thought on “Look of the Dizznay – [old blood]

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