Illusions – Divis Mask

Illusions didn’t even ask me to review this, but I don’t care I’m gonna do it anyway because the mask is so damn lovely!

Normally masks just aren’t my to look at for sure..but wearing them? not so much. Playing SL since like 2005..I think I’ve only bought..3 masks? I go to Illusions pretty frequently though and they have so many wings and horns and masks and oh my gawd..all good stuff. Picked up a few hats here and there..picked up a few horns too..never touched the mask section. But, last time I was there I decided to take a gander and lo and behold..this mask came into my view.

It’s beautiful and simple. So many things on SL have all of this flare and chains and spikes and blah blah blah..ugh. This mask has a great sculpt, great texture, and that is all you need. I didn’t even have to resize the damn thing..just moved it down a lil bit and blammo..stuck right to my face like a glove. Is there gloves for your face..? Anyway, my favorite part about it is you can change the color of either mask piece via a menu, and you can also make one of the mask pieces disappear. So, you can have an asymmetrical thing going on. Very cool, very awesome. I might wear it FOREVER.

I have to say..Illusions..very pro at what they do. I tip my hat to them, and am a very content customer every time I buy something from them. Also, the lil point card system they got going is a very good idea. More stores should do that for sure.

Go to the store if you’ve never been before, or just go to it anyway even if you’ve been there a million times and treat yourself.

SLurl to Illusions mainstore here.

Flickr here with all the info on the other stuff.

P.S. They also have a good stream on the land..very relaxing.


2 thoughts on “Illusions – Divis Mask

  1. haha, i was just at illusions a little while ago.. and saw you there, sithas.. and totally didn’t recognize your name until after i saw this post. amusing. 8D;

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