More like, Akey-no.

artoo Magneto, are you listening?


I’m pretty notorious at this point I figure,  for drama and opening my big mouth but this is something everyone needs to hear about. artoo Magneto, the owner of Akeyo has been banned and removed from Shoe Fair. Why? Because instead of participating in the Charity Event, all he did was put a landmark to his own store, which circumvents any type of donation given to Shoe Fair. The worst is, he did this at Pose Fair too (so I read) as well as last years Shoe Fair.

Who has the audacity to say they’re going to participate in a charity event then just put a landmark to your store, which just makes revenue for yourself and in no way helps the cause you were participating to raise funds for? That’s a real shitty move, mister. You’re a repeat offender and this shows where your main priority is: You.

For the whole story, check out Delora’s Plurk @ NAME AND SHAME (Plurk).

More ranting about akey-douche found @ Zombie Fetus (Love you, Lanie.)


15 thoughts on “More like, Akey-no.

  1. yea i’m listening..

    – first let me tell you that i had no landmarkgiver,
    – and i was donating at the posefair, like on any other charity event i was participating in.
    – and im not banned from the shoefair.

    why did i put a display only booth at the fair ?

    i had a normal booth with the split 2 years ago.. but didnt realy sell well.

    last year i didnt sell well too.. so after some days i removed the vendors and changed the booth to a display only.. more like a artistic installation.
    (no landmark giver)

    this year i did set up the same.

    i wish delora or phoenix would have told me that they dont like that..

    do you realy think i am too greedy to share a donation split ? i mean,.. seriously ?

  2. Artoo,

    I know what you pulled at Pose Fair. You can try to save face as much as you like, but there ARE people who know what actually happened.

    Your comment seems to be about not making enough sales at a charity fair. The fair isn’t primarily about profit; it’s about charity. If you’re not willing to donate to a charity, don’t participate in the fair, period. Take the money you would have spent on a booth and put it toward advertising. At least that way customers would come by your store via honest means.

    Eventually your half-assed excuses and pretend ignorance will stop working and everyone will see through you.

    In my opinion you are despicable and yes, I DO think you are too greedy to share a donation split. I will never spend a single linden in your store. Hopefully someday your conscience will catch up to you and make an honest man out of you.

  3. I’m not sticking up for either party in this mess but wow really? This is all heresay Is, you don’t know what ACTUALLY happened. Katey is a drama monger and is guilty for the same accusations she has put on others. You gossip girls need to find a useful hobby.

  4. This is all from SHOEFAIR, anon. I only mildly mentioned posefair.

    This isn’t hearsay when it’s from one of the fair coordinators mouth. So, you need to find a useful hobby over responding anonymously to blog posts, don’t you think? :)

    And what Is wrote? How do you know it isn’t true? Are you someone who knows the truth?
    Then why post anonymously.

  5. “And what Is wrote? How do you know it isn’t true?
    Are you someone who knows the truth?
    Then why post anonymously.”

  6. I post anonymously because I don’t want drama, I think it’s stupid, hence why I think this whole thing is stupid. I know for a fact Katey is a hypocrite and spews bullshit just for the drama and the advertisement.

  7. I think its hypocritical to say you don’t want drama when you’re partaking in it. Anonymous or not, you’re still involving yourself in something you think is stupid, which technically labels you as a stupid drama llama yourself.

  8. I wasn’t, just stating a point and hoping that maybe you would back off because none of you probably personally know Artoo, or know his intentions- and just go by heresay.

  9. If you’re going to defend someones creditability, why don’t you do so with your own creditability.

    You can’t do that under the blanket of anonymity.

    So, while you crusade against our supposed hearsay, you’re just making artoo look like even more of a tool for having some anonymous poster attempting to defend his honour.

    I doubt artoo thinks an anonymous poster is credible defense, either.

  10. Write up some comments when they’re actually contributory.
    Until then, all you’re doing yourself is stirring up drama.

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