[this is my BOOMstick]

Aw snap. Sexy, right?

There’s something about girls and giant guns..I think everyone enjoys it, honestly. And this gun is big, very big..and I ain’t just talkin’ about what I’m smuggling in my bikini. Heyo! Ahem..I’m sorry..

Anyways, the gun is made by DreamWalker Designs and it’s named GODSLAYER. That’s just straight up beastly. The thing can shoot so many different types of ammo..I honestly wasn’t expecting it to be as great as it is. The particles for explosions and smoke and the muzzle flashes and everything is fantastic, and so are the sounds. It also has a recoil function where you actually get pushed backwards when you shoot it..makes it feel so much more powerful and badass. The thing has like an ammo where you can lay down a minefield and just blow it the hell up..and a nuke..and orbitting..crushing..good lord.

There’s a lack of good weapons out there, as I said before in a previous rant post. Weapons..things that go boom..whatever..will always by my favorite thing on SL. I can’t help it! The main reason why I first got in this game is to go around and blow people up. Everyone should get a nice big ol’ weapon and just blow some shit up..it’s extremely therapeutic. Like “Oh, I really want this skin but its SO EXPENSIVE! *BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM*”

But, it seems DreamWalker Designs makes top notch ones. So, big ups to them. Also big ups to DERP for making delicious cute sculpty stuff..I mean the bikini is great..it’s the only thing I really want to wear these days..and I mean..who doesn’t enjoy a nice bulgekini?

Flickr here for more info on stuff.

SLurl here for the sim I took the pic at. Very cool place.

Keep your powder dry, soldiers.


3 thoughts on “[this is my BOOMstick]

  1. Holy crap that looks like a ship my friend built for some RP
    Like duplicate!!!
    does this store have stuff that would fit in Star wars… if you would know >_>

    • Uhmmm..the weapon store does kinda cater to more sci-fi looking weapons, so yeah. And they all have RP modes and safe modes, along with crazy orbity boom boom ones. The sim is an RP sim, actually. No one was there sadly. I think those hallways are for sale somewhere..I’ve seen them used in a few places.

  2. yeah, probably, and thanks for the linkage.. now if I only had enough internet to login… rofl

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