My lil take on the photo session we did. We were going to do it at a gym..but I swear to god there isn’t any good ones. We ended up going to some place called the Forced Inn which is one of the weirdest places I’ve been in SL. Like..a locker room..a church..a barn..and a pirate ship? What the hell kind of inn has all that? And we also went to some college sexfest RP area..and they expect people to be a certain height to RP there..like a damn amusement ride. *Cackles* So goofy.

Anyways, I enjoy League, always have. Expensive as all hell..but well worth the money. Great slightly slutty clothes, great sculpts, great textures and quite inventive. Actually..I think League is the main reason why I decided to make a chick av, because I enjoy their skins so much…even though I have been stuck on this Plastik one..I love warpaint a lil TOO MUCH.

Although everything is fabutastic..I think the boots are my fav. The HUD they come with is great, easy to use. Resizing them was a breeze, each piece is recolorable..comes with alpha and non-invis prim..pfft…everything you need. You can kick some serious ass with them, for sure.

If you’ve never been to League or haven’t been there in awhile or were even there a few damn minutes ago, I don’t care. Go there now and get some boots..some skanky clothes..maybe even one of those redonkulously nice skins! Do it up.

Flickr here for more info on the other stuff I’m wearing and the sexiness of full res.


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