[WTF.] 8.10.2010

(High Resolution Glory @ Flickr.)

This is dated for yesterday because I’m terrible at doing things on-time. Yesterday we visited League and both of us had fun picking up the awesome primmed sweats and tops. League has prim boobie shirts down, as well as awesome waistbands. Obviously the image above is heavily edited but don’t worry, I have me just hanging out in plain old screenie-slapped-on-to-a-background for you, too.

(High Res/Full Credits, as usual @ Flickr.)

The top, shorts and boots are all from League and are all fucking fantastic. The headphones I picked up at Jill, which is closing. Jill has a lot of very girly and innocent pieces of clothing for really cheap right now so head over!  Regardless, I was already wearing all of this when I landed in Jill and the headphones just fit in and completed it.

If you haven’t visited League in a while, like me, you should head over now and pick up some sweats.

Don’t worry, your boobies don’t have to hang out like ours are. We just like to be whores, gosh.

Other items in this post include hair by FRI.DAY, Skin by PINK FUEL, Piercings by TWEE., Tattoo by MY PINKY SKULL, Eyes by PLASTIK, Lashes by REDGRAVE

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