[MC] Release – Alpha Leg Layers

I’ve always hated invis prims, and when the 2.0 alpha layers came out I was like HELL YEAH! Invis prims just cause so many problems when taking pictures or just doing anything. Standing on a dance floor and you see these giant nasty globs around your sexy shoes or feets. Bleh! Some places use them..those places being usually awesome, but some still don’t use them..or at least don’t update their older stuff.

Some of my favorite faun legs are from TITANIA’S COURT, they’re great..but they’re also kinda old..so they still have invis prims. So, my sugarbee egged me on to make alpha layers so we could delete the invis prims off them, and it works just peachy.

I decided to make a big pack of em, all different sizes so they should be compatible with most or any leg attachments.

Xstreet page is here.

Or TP here for the in-world.

Cheers, mates.


2 thoughts on “[MC] Release – Alpha Leg Layers

  1. Titania’s court has updates in her redelivery terminal that will give you new faun legs with alpha layers. Still though! these are amazing! There are so many other ways to use them!!! THX!

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