[blades and heels]

More toys! Hurrah.

This sword from MagoTek is incredible. Textures are great right off the bat..or…sword..what? Prims/sculpts are great on the sword and on the sheath. The sheath actually fits me decently well which is VERY rare when it comes to weapons. If you know what the sword is based off of then I give you cookies and kisses, but if you don’t then SHAME ON YOU! It’s based off of Trunks’ sword in Dragonball Z, AKA one of the most redonk and crazy animes of all time. Too bad he only used the sword like fuckin’ once in the entire show. They did a really good job at recreating it in SL though.

The animations are interesting. Considering its based off of DBZ a lot of the fighting animations are flying in the air and doing crazy ass quick moves and PEW PEW PEW type stuff. Not bad at all..I really like them..they aren’t choppy and very smooth. The sword gets a lil trail when you swing too so it gives a nice effect. There’s also sparks for some attacks, and a big whirlwind thing for a spin attack, and of course delicious blood effects. There’s combos to lead up to those, no idea what the button combos are but its nice that they added them in..not enough weapons have a combo system.

The sounds are alright, some of them sound like their from the original Half-Life but..what are ya gonna do? I do like how they added in Trunks screaming his brains out for some of the moves and they added lil taunts and stuff. Some of the other sounds are really uh…pixelated? not even the correct term I think but I DON’T CARE! It sounds like its from like an 8-bit RPG but..whateves..I actually kinda like that a lot!

The special attacks are pretty neat..there’s two of them. One you charge up and leap into the air and KABLAMMO land with an explosion. The other you rush forward and do some crazy ass slashes and your sword trail turns green and then you do a final BABABABABOOM swing. I wish there were more special attacks..I won’t lie..but the two are neat. The update system is comes with seems very in depth though, so it may get updated a lot which would be really nice.

The one major problem I do have with the sword is thaaaaaaaaat it doesn’t come with a HUD. It’s all run by gestures or you have to click on the sheath to take it out or put it in. A HUD would make this sword probably my favorite weapon! So..pass the word..or maybe they’re working on one? Teehee.

It carries a steep price..but..I think it’s well worth it to check it out of you want a sexy sword. There really is a lack of good weapons on SL, so I want to spread the word of good ones, and I highly recommend this one!

Anyways, yeah…in other news. The heels are from Maitreya and holy shit Batman…it took me forever to even get in that place..they’re having a 50% off sale..but I’m sure EVERYONE knows now. I’ve always liked their stuff..but I have so much of their hair already I only got one..and I got those heels. I love em though..probably my favorite pair of heels I have.

This has gone on long enough! Flickr here.

Pic taken here.

Keep your power level strong, homies.


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